The Plan: Donate $1,000,000 To Charity

The Side Effect: Helping 1,000+ Families Obtain Financial Stability

The How: Watch The Video and Keep Reading:)

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  • WIN #1 - Feed My Starving Children and the kids they feed all over the world.
  • WIN #2 - YOU, the customer/supporter. You get to do good while we over deliver the value.
  • WIN #3 - Our partners and families we get to work with personally helping them achieve stability in their lives.

1 Million Dollars each and every year is the goal

To generate a brand new business, combined with leaders in a wide variety of fields, that will ultimately generate in excess of $1,000,000 every year to support Feed My Starving Children

This is not just our opportunity to do something good, but it is our chance to build a legacy.

Feed My Starving Children Overview:



My Name Is Dr. David Pietsch

Today is the day we change an industry for the better.

Today we serve at an even higher level for the betterment of our fellow humans.

Today I am using the skills that helped me build a business that made me over 8 figures in the last 10 years and use them to build a recurring revenue for my favorite charities


overview of benefits

  • Purchase great products you would buy anyways.
  • Naturally help build an ongoing donation for our sponsored charity that will last for years.
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUSES - Learn from top business and personal development experts around the globe that are donating resources to help us all grow professionally and personally. (priceless)
  • OPTIONAL - An opportunity for you to learn and grow your own business side by side with one of the best in the world.
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The step-by-step blueprint for staying home with your kids, creating a consistent income, and making a difference in children’s lives…
YES! I Want My FREE Copy Of All Systems Go!

have you ever want to do more?

give back more?

Many of us WANT to serve people at a higher level, but short of giving time or money that we may not have we just don't know what to do.

THIS is a game-changer!!!

why we created this win-win-win opportunity

I have had the opportunity to enjoy great success in the industry of network marketing and I wanted to do more to give back. I could just make a ONE TIME donation but I really felt like there was more opportunity out there using my skills, resources, and great products to create an even BIGGER impact.

See, in this industry I make more money when I teach and help others build their business and make more money for their families.

Then I had the epiphany... what if???

Why couldn't I do the exact same thing for my favorite charities?

Develop business centers that don't just pay them one time, but have the ability to create a long term recurring stream of donations for them. A recurring stream of donations that has the possibility of growing into a very substantial amount of money given the compounding growth model this industry is built around.

The stronger our community. The more we can give.

but that wasn't enough

I want this to go FAST.

Once upon a time I broke the record, and still hold the record, for the fastest to the top rank in my company. I like SPEED. In fact, if I have it my way I want to break my own record with this brand new center we are building to support our charity partner, Feed My Starving Children.

The opportunity to help great causes is motivation enough for many people, but how can we serve the community that is coming together at such a HIGH level this becomes an absolute no-brainer for EVERYONE involved.

So, I called on some friends that have amazing content, course, websites, and a heart for giving back and asked them to join this cause.

They said yes:)

Not only did they say yes! But they even offered to donate some of their products to our community to dramatically INCREASE the value to everyone that joins us.

See What I Mean? Everyone wins…

Really, This Is The Way We Should All Work Anyways:)

WIN #1


As opposed to getting a one time donation the charity will receive monthly donations that will grow month after month. Our goal is $1,000,000 per year or more.

WIN #2


  • You get a great proven product in World Ventures.
  • PLUS: You get all of the bonus trainings and resources from our expert partners.
  • PLUS (optional): We help you build an income as well through our model, which will also help grow the charities donations:)

WIN #3


I have been fortunate in life. I have barely had to work these last 10 years during which time I have gotten married and had 3 daughters.

This effort is for impact, to show my girls, and others, how when we do something for the right reasons we can all win and leave a lasting impact of this earth.

Now I know what you’re thinking…

“David, this sounds great, but How Do I Fit In?"

OPTION 1 - SUPPORT AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR AMAZING BONUSES: Simply purchase a World Ventures Membership (starting at ONLY $25). The membership is amazing, we love it, and we are ecstatic to share it with you. You will receive ALL of the bonuses from our featured partners listed below (priceless), PLUS you can feel good that 100% of commissions earned by my new center on your purchase are going to Feed My Starving Children.

OPTION 2 - SUPPORT AND PARTNER WITH ME: Put me to work for you helping you build a home based business through World Ventures, which as it grows will provide even more funds to Feed My Starving Children, while at the same time we build you an additional stream of income that could allow you to give more, free up your time, or just add some additional comfort in your life while doing something good.

This is the business that changed my life. It has given me time freedom and financial security. I will work with you, you will have access to our training platforms and my team to help you grow. Anyone with the desire to make a positive change in their life will be given every opportunity to succeed here. Remember, we only succeed in our goals by helping YOU succeed.

OPTION 3 - BECOME AN AMBASSADOR: Simply help us share our message with more people. Help us bring more value to more peoples lives while helping build something special for a worthwhile cause. We will provide you with graphics, marketing materials, etc. We appreciate your support!

Do You Have Something Unique You Would Like To Contribute To Add Value To This Community?

If you have a course, product, or something of value you would like to share with the community as they sign up to support this venture please let us know. It is all about adding tremendous value to a lot of people. The more value we can add, the more people we can serve at a high level, the bigger we impact kids all over the world through Feed My Starving Children.

Amazing partners.

amazing bonuses.


Here Are The Bonuses You Will Be Getting Once We Confirm Your Order

NOTE: We have 20+ bonuses getting recorded and added by some tremendous influncers in the month of September. So more will most likely beadded compared to what you see below. All bonuses will be released by October 1st, 2020 as we assemble them into the membership area.

Kids Interest Allowance Program

Provided By Wealth Smart Families

This is a program I created years ago after several friends talked me into building the course based off of how I was teaching my own kids about money. It is a simple, yet very unique system that teaches the powerful concepts that surround interest in a fun way. This stuff isn't taught in schools and is perhaps the most important math we ever do as adults. - Dan McCabe

Moms Winning At Network Marketing

Provided By Holly Homer

This was an interview that our own Jacqui Short did with the amazing Holly Homer. Holly started her foray into entrepreneurship as a mom blogger and ultimately built a huge online business. Although her passion has always been helping parents and serving families she also found success along the way incorporating network marketing into her business. She also altered how many of us thought about the industry and that it doesn't have to be just about complete financial freedom, but sometimes it is just about helping a mom make enough money to pay for dance lessons:)

Affiliate Marketing Freedom

Provided By Miodrag Milenkovic

Mioddrag is a great friend and great supporter of One Big Vision. He even recently featured our message on the 100th episode of his podcast that featured none other than Dr. David Pietsch.

His story is incredible and inspirational to say the least. In this one hour interview style webinar he talks about the secrets that propelled him to finally be able to quit his full time job in a factory after just 3 months of affiliate marketing. To be fair, this was after two years of struggling to figure it out, so what changed?

Creating An 8 Figure Eco-System

Provided By Jeffery "The Funnel Doc" Banek

After earning multiple 2 Comma Club Awards from Clickfunnels (earning a million dollars+ from a website), AND ultimately an 8 figure award for one of them he now coaches others to do exactly the same. We are fortunate that he is pulling back the curtain of what it takes to create a true 8 figure business online in this exclusive interview that can only be seen here in the One Big Vision bonus member area.

I Am Ready, Are You?

I Would Love To Invite You To Become Part Of This Movement Of Giving Back

I built this business through intense focus, dedication, and desire. I am now planning on putting forth the same effort for Feed My Starving Children, my partners, our community, and our customers.

This Opportunity Is Big

I can see what is possible and that the window of time is RIGHT NOW. There is no waiting until tomorrow. I like to move fast and I am more motivated than ever with this project to achieve BIG results.

Tools We Provide Our Partners

(if you just want to support by buying the membership skip this section)


I have spent my own money developing systems, trainings, tools, and marketing assets for our partners to use FOR FREE.

I have also created the step-by-step guide to getting started fast, building, and leadership. I have already paved the path, now our partners just need to follow this proven process.

What Does Becoming My Partner Look Like?

Do You Want To Be 1 of The 1,000 I Partner With?


This project succeeds when I help others succeed. So if you put fourth the effort I will give you ALL of the tools, education, and support.

  • Private Facebook Group for THIS CHARITY FOCUSED TEAM ONLY
  • Weekly LIVE training and Q & A sessions
  • A full suite of training programs
  • Access to MY marketing and support teams
  • Interviews for your social channels.


You will receive all of my training programs created by me and my team's director of training. We leave no stone unturned and provide you with the proven path to achieving success and freedom in this industry.

Designed for newbies with special advanced training for experienced entrepreneurs.


Through our partnership with you will receive FREE pages and promotional material, as well as, an opportunity to upgrade to their PRO PLAN at a substantially discounted price only available to people on this team. (secret: once you have access you can use this software for all of your online funnels, sites, marketing automation and sales needs)


This industry has a reputation for telling people to consistently pester friends and family. With this training our team shows you how to prospect online and build a consistent lead generation machine.

  • This is not your everyday network marketing team. Our mission to this movement has created an unbelievable opportunity to not just offer a product we believe in, but to also help A LOT of people that need. Once you understand this movement, your motivation changes, your message changes, and you get results.
  • Our tools and systems are the secret ingredient. We can commit to going big and breaking records because we know we have the systems to help a lot of people get started, trained, and winning through our robust platforms we have already created. These systems don't just help you win, they help future partners on YOUR team win. We already built them, you and everyone that comes after you just gets to plug in.
  • My team provides the right support you need. I have been fortunate to do enough in this business to have developed my own team. This team can provide you with support, private training when needed, and get all your questions anserwed.
  • There is something special about making a run with someone who has been there before. (and make sure your prospect gets the exact right product or service that perfectly meets their needs)


Q: How does the donation to Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) work?

A: I created a new LLC called Networkers For Good and I opened a BRAND NEW World Ventures business center and if you are seeing this page your purchase will be under that center, or under a partner that is under that business center. All revenue earned in that center will be donated to Feed My Starving Children. This will all be documented as well in our private Facebook Group as well.

Q: Does who I sign up for matter in regard to how much money goes to FMSC?

A: Not really. World Ventures pays based on a binary compensation plan. We love this model because it allows us to work with everyone in the organization equally. In short, just sign up with whoever shared this page with you and it won't effect the level of commissions earned by the FMSC center.

Q: Do I get to keep the BONUSES if I quit World Ventures?

A: YES! You will be grandfathered in and have lifetime access to the bonuses!

Q: I am already on David Pietsch's team. Can I get access to the training here?

A: If you are already on another part of David Pietsch's team please email and request access to his team training platform.

Q: Is it okay if I have no network marketing experience?

A: RESOUNDING YES! We provide all of the training and support you need to have success. We also LOVE people new to the industry so we can get you trained properly in our new age systems of building online.

Q: What is included for the $25 subscription?

A: Please refer to the sign up page for more details on that by clicking one of the many GREEN BUTTONS on this page. In short however it will get you the Silver membership with World Ventures and all of the bonuses we are providing above.

Q: Does your team charge additional fees for training?

A: The simple answer is no, we do not. Some people choose to buy upgraded third party softwares we partner with but it is not necessary. We really only succeed when we help you succeed, thus we give you all of the tools and resources you will ever need because we REALLY want you to succeed:)

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